XL CNC Machining

Euralco is operating a German high speed milling machining center. By robotically (un)loading this XL CNC Machine, an efficient and cost-effective way of working is guaranteed. Watch the operation in full effect:

  • 5-Axis XL CNC machining capabilities, whereby tolerances can be realized up to approx. 0.03 mm.
  • Fully automated and unmanned operation using the robot for loading & unloading.
  • The robot’s substructure separates leftovers or scrap from the final product in one go.
  • An integrated Microjet lubrication- and chip extraction system is installed in the spindle hood and ultimately compressing dry chips into alloy specific briquettes. 
  • With a plate size of up to 3.000 mm long and 500 kg, it can be machined in shuttle operation. That is machining on one side, while unloading and positioning new material is happening simultaneously.
  • Due to this automatic and continuous machining process, the operation is highly efficient.
  • The XL Machine bed is able to machine plates up to 300 x 2.500 x 8.500 mm with a maximum weight of 5.000 kg.