XL CNC Machining

Euralco has an inhouse German high speed machining center with 5 axle capability, and 24 kW precision spindle that runs at 24000 RPM.

The maximum product size that can be handled is 300*2600*8500mm ( 12” * 100" * 335")

For  products up to 500 Kg (1100 Lbs) the machine can be loaded by robot enabling lights-out-manufacturing.

Depending on the product, tolerances of +/-0.03mm are achievable.

Because of the XL size, the CNC offers great nesting capabilities, as well as 2 working areas;

on one side the machining takes place while on the other side a finished plate is being removed and an new plate is positioned for the next machining job on the vacuum table.


Click play for demonstration of our lights-out-manufacturing capability:


  • Extensive technical know-how on aluminum alloys, products and production.
  • Consultancy to solve problems or further develop products between OEM and the mill.

Advanced Services

  • CNC machining of finished or prefinished parts.
  • CNC sawing of aluminum sheet, plate, bar, rod and profile.
  • CNC waterjet cutting for aluminum sheet and plate up to 80*3000*6000mm (3"*118"*236").
  • Stamping of circles, blanks etc.


  • JIT deliveries through our warehouses in the Netherlands or consignment stock.
  • Worldwide Air- and sea freight shipping service to your dock.
  • Optimizing material flow between plant and OEM.
  • Set up of commercial and logistical contracts by which stock can be reduced.