XL high speed CNC Machining Center

We are pleased to announce that the CNC machining center that was purchased last year together with a robotic loader, has come on line. For a first impression video please check our website or YouTube

With this equipment we can serve our clients better by supplying aluminum sheet and plate with narrow tolerances, bevelled edges, countersunk holes and windows or even fully machined finished parts.

The German made high speed machining center has a work area of 2600*8500mm ( 8.5* 28ft), and is equipped with a 5-axle 24 KW spindle that runs at 25000 rpm. Tolerances of 0.03mm ( 0.00118”) are possible, and the tool changer holds 24 tools. Threaded holes, smooth surfaces or under cuts are all possible.

For smaller plates the CNC can work on one side while the loader positions another plate on the opposite side to save valuable time. 2 custom build alu-chip extraction systems keep the product and table clean.


Robotic Loader

In order to increase production capacity and be capable of lights-out-manufacturing Euralco has installed a robotic loader. The loader can handle plates and finished products up to 500Kgs (1100lbs) and the same XL size as the working area of the CNC.

The total work surface area where the loader can pick and place is 10*55m' (33*180ft) thus allowing for further expansion in machining capacity in the near future.

Heavier plates can be positioned manually with a remote operated 5 ton overhead crane. With this set-up Euralco is ready for serial work and still be cost effective.


Enquiries for serial-work in aluminum are welcome and can be submitted via below request form.

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