Euralco is a specialized aluminium consultancy, distribution and manufacturing enterprise for value-added, (semi-)finished aluminum products in exotic alloys for high-end applications.

With 30 years of experience in production and machining of rolled and extruded aluminum products, Euralco is your partner of choice when it comes to high-tech solutions in aluminium. We value the quality of our products and have therefore fully implemented a Quality Assurance System throughout the organisation.

Excelling with aluminium

We have delivered many different and improved solutions for defence, aerospace, yacht building as well as the safety & protection equipment industry. We strongly believe in the advantages that aluminium brings.

Even though our solutions differ greatly from one sector to another, the common denominator is that they are all made of that versatile, lightweight yet resilient material, produced in accordance with Euralco's quality standard.



Iso 9001 euralco



  • Extensive technical know-how on aluminum alloys, products and production methodologies.
  • Consultancy to solve problems (e.g. challenges in design, welding, glueing, deep drawing, machining or anodizing) or further develop products between OEM and the mill.

Advanced Services

  • 5-Axis CNC machining of finished or prefinished parts.
  • CNC sawing of aluminium sheet, plate, bar, rod and profile.
  • CNC waterjet cutting for aluminium sheet and plate up to 80*3.000*6.000mm (3"*118"*236").
  • Stamping of circles, blanks etc.


  • JIT deliveries through our warehouses in the Netherlands or local consignment stock.
  • Worldwide air- and sea freight shipping service to your doorstep.
  • Optimizing material flow between plant and OEM.
  • Setting up commercial and logistical contracts by which stock can be reduced.