Euralco Europe - Trusted partner in aluminium

Euralco Europe specializes in aluminium consultancy, distribution, and manufacturing of value-added, (semi-) finished aluminium products using exotic alloys tailored for high-end applications.

With over 30 years of expertise in producing and machining rolled and extruded aluminium products, Euralco is your preferred partner for cutting-edge aluminium solutions. We prioritize product quality and have implemented a comprehensive Quality Assurance System across our organization.

Aluminum Excellence

Over the years, we have delivered numerous innovative solutions for defense, aerospace, shipbuilding, and the safety & protection equipment industry, harnessing the unique advantages of aluminium.

While our solutions vary across sectors, they share a common element: the use of versatile, lightweight yet durable aluminium, manufactured to Euralco's exacting quality standards.

Aluminium LRQA
Aluminium coils
Technical Service


  • Extensive technical know-how on aluminum alloys, products and production methodologies.
  • Consultancy to solve problems (e.g. challenges in design, welding, glueing, deep drawing, machining or anodizing) or further develop products between OEM and the mill.
CNC aluminium

Advanced Services

  • 5-Axis CNC machining of finished or prefinished parts.
  • CNC sawing of aluminium sheet, plate, bar, rod and profile.
  • CNC waterjet cutting for aluminium sheet and plate up to 80*3.000*6.000mm (3"*118"*236").
  • Stamping of circles, blanks etc.


  • JIT deliveries through our warehouses in the Netherlands or local consignment stock.
  • Worldwide air- and sea freight shipping service to your doorstep.
  • Optimizing material flow between plant and OEM.
  • Setting up commercial and logistical contracts by which stock can be reduced.