We have an important update for you, regarding Europe’s anti-dumping investigation. The anti-dumping measures on imports of aluminium flat-rolled products from China are imposed provisionally. This could be significantly harmful to your business.

The provisional anti-dumping duties vary from one Chinese rolling mill to the other, due to their cooperation to this investigation:

  • All clients of rolling mills belonging to the Nanshan Group will pay a provisional anti-dumping percentage of 19,6% on top of the existing import duty of 7.5%, from March 19th 2021 onwards.
  • Anti dumping duties of most Chinese rolling mills that contributed to the investigation are 22,8%.
  • Non-cooperating Chinese rolling mills are subject to an anti-dumping duty of 47.3%.

Every Chinese aluminium rolling mill will have an additional, specific TARIC code, that is related to their anti-dumping duty. This code shall be indicated on all shipping documents. Furthermore, a declaration dated and signed by the entity’s official, shall be as follows:

‘I, the undersigned, certify that the (volume) of (product concerned) sold for export to the European Union covered by this invoice was manufactured by (company name and address) (TARIC additional code) in [country concerned]. I declare that the information provided in this invoice is complete and correct.’

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