Sika X Euralco

Sika & Euralco are teaming up! Pursuing payload increase of trailers and dump trucks.

Most aluminium trailer & dump truck builders have selected a weldable alloy in the 5xxx series for wear plates and/or profiles in 6xxx alloy range. As far as we are concerned, this is by no means a bad choice.

However, it is a common practice in the industry to weld aluminium profiles and sheets. Consequently, the mechanical properties in the heat-affected zone reduce significantly after welding.

Sika & Euralco believe that adhesives in combination with high-strength aerospace aluminium enables the industry to build lighter, stronger and more rigid constructions. Hereby, trailers and dumptrucks will have a higher payload and become more wear resistant as well as resistant to fatigue compared to welded designs.

Upon request, we will share our expertise and showcase the advantages of Sika Automotive Adhesives in combination with Euralco’s Aerospace Alloys (Alu4S).