CNC countersinking

Euralco has the expertise and takes meticulous care when it comes to CNC machining of aluminium sheets and plates. Last week, we finished a CNC machining project of approximately 1200 sheets (55 tonnes) in 3 mm thickness.

We squared these sheets to get them into the desired tolerance and drilled hundreds of countersink holes per sheet. With Euralco’s XL CNC Machining Center this is done quickly, precisely and with ease.

We often see that draughtsmen approach countersink holes theoretically by applying zero tolerance. At Euralco we love challenging projects and at the same time we are realistic and give good advice.

In order to make sure these countersink holes are a perfect fit for monobolt rivets, we reached out with a practical solution. By sending the client this sample, we visualized multiple options to choose from. We herewith assured a good product and a happy client.