Due to the shortage on the aluminum market, sheet material is now obtained from all over the world. Nothing wrong with that, you might say. Were it not for the fact that several aluminium yacht builders have recently informed us about major differences in quality in sheet material.

This mainly concerns (un)flatness, tension, too high hardness- ​​and too low elongation values, which cause problems during machining. Also some sheets tear during bending. The latter is a serious problem in shipbuilding, especially now that sharp corners are the trend. It often leads to rejection and increasing costs, such that designs go back to the drawing board – to be able to bend with larger radii.

The sheet material for shipbuilding applications, originating from various rolling mills, does meet the EN 485 standard, but often does not meet the needs of the market. Euralco has long served customers with complex products in exotic alloys for high-quality applications. We are specialized in prescribing recipes for rolling & extrusion plants. This also applies to the rolling mill that we have qualified for shipbuilding equipment. It produces according to our recipe. The material is of top quality: it is flat rolled, has low-tension and outstanding bending properties. And in order to qualify the material as bending quality, we ensure that the hardness is in the lower limit and the elongation is in the upper limit of the European Standard EN 485. In this way we contribute to the success of our customers delivering beautiful yachts.

So we don't say farewell, but have a safe journey!